How to look your best at prom

Ohh ... prom ... the most popular and the most important high school party. The preparation for the prom starts from the early years of high school because everything has to be perfect. The dress, the shoes, the bag, the accessories, even the partner, are details that all students take into account.

I know how stressful these choices are, so I hope my 2018 guide to being your best version at prom will be helpful.

🌟🌟🌟 5 things to keep in mind when getting ready for prom 🌟🌟🌟

👗 the dress you choose for PROM should be unique, vaporous, so you can dance all night, fitted because it has to reveal the features of your body, but be careful to be not too revealing or indecent. Prom dresses can now be find online or at various boutiques. Before buying it, you should know that there are lots necklines to choose from, the most know being:  sweetheart, bateau,  Queen Anne, halter, scoop or square. The waistlines can also be quite unique, besides the normal one, you can choose basque waist, which is my favorite, empire waist, princess seam, inverted basque or a drop waist.

The shoes 👠 you choose for the prom should be first of all comfy, because you will want to enjoy the whole evening. They have to match the bag and the dress and to have a little bit of heel. Generally, the heel shoes create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, strengthen the muscles, and if they fit you, it will certainly make your walking even more sexy. The bag needs to be chic, small, because you only need a few essential things; if you choose a shiny bag, it will definitely add a blig to your outfit, but be careful not to overdo it.

Makeup 💄 and hairstyle  are the last two important things in your prom outfit. These should match your face and hair type, so it is better to call a specialist. Still, if you are skilled in the makeup arts, you could do it yourself without any problems by following tutorials on youtube or by experimenting days or weeks before the event. The nails 💅🏻 should also be painted in a beautiful color that compliments the outfit and prior to the event, you should take care of your skin. Make sure you are hidrated, in and out.

After you have dealt with all of this, all there`s left to do is to enjoy the long awaited event. Dance alongside your partner, your best friends and make memorable memories.
Have a great prom!