How to dress to impress | fall edition

   Autumn arrived and with it, the cold. We have to change our whole wardrobe and to try to find cute garments suitable for cold seasons because this does not mean that we have to stop being sexy or to wear things randomly,with the purpose of keeping us warm. Luckily, fashion industry changed so much that, nowadays, you can easily find clothes that are not bulky, but they are suitable for autumn or winter.

Personally, I like to wear skirts or dresses, with thick black stockings. I pair them with ankle boots that have thick heels. Let me show you some of my favorites!
Although I am not a big fan of turtlenecks, the fact that I hate wearing scarfs makes me choose the first option. We have to make sure that we are well dressed and that we are not exposing ourselves to getting colds.


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And now, let`s talk about outerwear. 
For outerwear, I like especially trench coats. They are easy to wear, go well with a lot of other pieces of clothing and, depending on the thickness of the material or the padding, they can be easily worn 2 or 3 seasons. My favorites are the ones that have in the bottom part the material gathered like a skirt.
Other garments that never go out of style are the faux fur coats. As long as they are faux, you can never go wrong. 
Although, for the days in which you want to do some chores and you want to be at your maximum level of comfortability, you can choose a hooded cape. This will give the mobility you need and automatically transform you in a hero. You will need all the help to accomplish what you planned to.


Faux fur coats

Hooded cape

   And let`s not forget about the fringed coats, they add pizzazz to any outfit.

   Find more here: coats , and for those who love shoes, I recommend this category: boots

   These are my propositions on dressing to impress this autumn. Make sure you are happy with what you are wearing and follow the fashion trends only and only when they make you feel beautiful. 💓

Until next time!