Boho chic on a budget

  Since I know myself, I loved shopping online. It s not just easier but many times, it is cheaper too. The only downside is that you can not try them until you receive the package. That s why you have to be very careful when choosing the items, make sure measure yourself and then check the size chart.

   I noticed that on these Chinese sites are mostly boho chic clothes, which is fine by me because i love this style. Let me show you some of my favorite fashion two piece sets online .
Although the crop tops are very in right now, I never really liked showing my belly button or my belly in general. If you have the same problem like me, you will be a lil bit disappointed that you will have to check more than one pages to find what you are looking for. Maybe I am not fashionable enough. :)) Anyway, I found some really cute garments, that meet my requirements.


  I chose two items, both of them boho, one that has embroidered roses, and the other one has a lovely floral print, very "summery", very easy breezy.

  Although I do not wear them as often as I like them, these two items are perfect for my everyday style, very wearable, not needing an occasion. I like very much the dotted striped one, I think is very daring and I like being out of the ordinary.

   I am also looking for some stylish blouse online for women, because I need to renew my wardrobe. Because of my job, I need to dress mostly elegant, which I like. I found some good items and I would love to show them to you, maybe you will be inspired by my choices.


The first blouse has other colors to choose from, but I like this pink, I think it is very feminine.

   It is very hard to find a off shoulders top that can still be elegant, but I think this one is really nice, because of the flared sleeves, it really keeps its elegance in place.


   To satisfy my "floral needs" I would buy these cute tops. The black one for a night out and the white one to wear it at work. I like both of them because of the print, obviously, but also each one of them has at least one particularity that makes them trendy. Both of them has v necks, irregular fit, which means they are longer in the back, the first one has a choker and the second one has ruffles at the bottom part.

  The site from where I chose these clothes is called Yoins and it is very similar with Zaful, Romwe, SheIn. If you are a happy customer of these sites, I am sure you will also love this site.

   Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the commentaries section.